As expected, Samsung unveiled its upcoming foldable smartphone yesterday. The rumors were correct, and Samsung's first foldable device will have two screens - a large 7.3" foldable AMOLED that folds inside, and a smaller OLED that is used when the phone is closed. Samsung brands the display as the Samsung Infinity Flex Display.

Samsung Galaxy X prototype photo

The inner foldable display is a 7.3" AMOLED with a resolution of 1532x2152 (361 PPI). The outer display is a 4.5" 840x1960 AMOLED. The whole device seems to be quite thick and about double the depth compared to a standard smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy X folding design image

Samsung showed a prototype device but did not reveal any more specifications, the expected release date or the price. It did not even name the device yet (rumors suggest Samsung will call it the Galaxy X or Galaxy F). It is likely that Samsung aims to ship this device in early 2019, and the price will probably be quite high.

Earlier this month Royole launched the world's first foldable OLED device - the FlexPai phone/tablet. The FlexPai has a 7.8" 1920x1440 (308 PPI) AMOLED display, when unfolded, The FlexPai display folds outwards, and when folded the device has three different displays (front, back and spine).



'The device seems to be quite thick'

The real device will be thin. Presenter suggested they put a case around it because it's a prototype and they wanted to disguise it until the commercial reveal

That's good - but it seems as

That's good - but it seems as if the final device will indeed be thin when open - but when folded it seems as if it will be around double the size of a normal phone (and even more as the fold is not 100%)

Does these flexible OLEDs

Does these flexible OLEDs have a Diamond or RGB Arrangement?

We do not know yet, but it is

We do not know yet, but it is highly likely to be Diamond arrangement

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