Samsung says it resolved the Galaxy Fold issues and will soon announce a new launch date in the US

On April 23th, after early reviewers reported that that the foldable screen in their Galaxy Fold devices broke down after a day or so, Samsung decided to delay the release of its foldable smartphone. Samsung's CEO now says that the company will soon announce a new launch plan for the Galaxy Fold in the US, after it had resolved the issues with the display.

Samsung Galaxy Fold photo

Samsung says that it has "reviewed" the defects caused by particles that entered the device below the screen. Samsung will strengthen the durability of the exposed area on the hinge of the phone and will minimize the gap between the protective layer and the bezel of the main display in order to prevent any external substances from penetrating the device.

The Galaxy Fold features a 7.3" 1536 x 2152 foldable Infinity Flex AMOLED display that folds inside, in addition to a secondary cover display - a 4.6" 840×1960 Super AMOLED. Click here for information about the possible reasons for the screen fails.

Posted: May 10,2019 by Ron Mertens