Samsung sAMOLED UT displays unveiled at court

Samsung and Apple has a long history of legal battles, and during court Samsung submitted some evidence that detail a couple of upcoming Windows 8 phones, the Odyssey and the Marco. Both use sAMOLED (super AMOLED) displays, but we're mostly interested in the Odyssey - which will sport a 4.65" HD Super AMOLED UT display.

This is the first time I see Samsung use 'UT' after an AMOLED display. It's not clear what is this designation. It may be that this phone will use Samsung's plastic-based "flexible" YOUM displays - which will be unbreakable and very thin (UT=Ultra Thin?). But then I would have guessed they would have said "YOUM" and not sAMOLED. Samsung also has UT series of LCD TVs, and in those the UT means a very thin bezel (2.4 mm on the bottom and right, and 4.3 mm on the top and left) - so perhaps that's what they mean here too.

Hopefully we'll know more soon...

Posted: Aug 01,2012 by Ron Mertens