Mar 08, 2012

In Q2 2011 Samsung submitted a patent application that describes devices with flexible displays. This patent is now public, and it shows several concepts: A "pen" type device that has a stretchable screen, a bracelet type device and a book like device that can open up.

According to the patent, all sorts of displays may be used to power such a display: including e-paper, LCd and of course OLEDs. Flexible OLEDs are coming in 2012 from Samsung, but don't expect such bendable displays yet. The 2012 crop will be plastic-based displays that will be shatterproof, light and thin - but not bendable...

Personally none of these concept devices seem really new or innovative. UDC has been showing an OLED pen concept about 8 years ago and bracelet OLEDs have been around for ages. But I'm not a patent lawyer, and perhaps Samsung is showing some innovation in the details of these concepts.

UDC OLED pen concept (2004)UDC OLED pen concept (2004)

Flexible OLED market report


The protection scope of a patent is defined by the claims and not by the figures. They probably seek protection for some refinement related to a flexible display and the display using such, and not to the general concept of flexible display.