Samsung Display starts to produce foldable OLED displays

Samsung Display announced today that it has started to mass produce foldable OLED displays, shipping the first such displays to Samsung Electronics.

SDC's first foldable OLEDs are the inside-folding 7.3" 1536x2152 Infinity Flex AMOLED displays that will be used in the Samsung Galaxy Fold - which will start shipping later this month (for $2,000) in Korea and Europe.

Samsung Display's foldable OLED production capacity is still limited, and will probably reach around 1 million displays in 2019. According to DSCC, 1.65 million foldable OLED panels will ship in 2019 (by SDC, Visionox and BOE) - which will grow to 60 million panels in 2022 and just over 80 million panels in 2023.

Posted: Apr 10,2019 by Ron Mertens