Samsung Display announced today that it has started to mass produce foldable OLED displays, shipping the first such displays to Samsung Electronics.

SDC's first foldable OLEDs are the inside-folding 7.3" 1536x2152 Infinity Flex AMOLED displays that will be used in the Samsung Galaxy Fold - which will start shipping later this month (for $2,000) in Korea and Europe.

Samsung Display's foldable OLED production capacity is still limited, and will probably reach around 1 million displays in 2019. According to DSCC, 1.65 million foldable OLED panels will ship in 2019 (by SDC, Visionox and BOE) - which will grow to 60 million panels in 2022 and just over 80 million panels in 2023.

Foldable OLED shipments forecast (2019-2023, DSCC)