Samsung Display files another complaint in the US trade comission against BOE

Samsung Display filed a new complaint in the US trade commission (ITC) against BOE, claiming that the Chinese OLED producer is infringing on SDC's OLED patents and IP, and is using unfair methods of competition. 

Samsung Galaxy S23 FE photo

In January 2023 Samsung filed a motion with the US ITC to halt the import of aftermarket AMOLED displays produced by BOE. A group of OLED makers in China, which includes BOE, answered with a motion of their own, to dismiss an SDC AMOLED patent. This legal battle continues, and the tension between Samsung and BOE is on the rise.


A few months ago it was reported that Samsung Electronics canceled its plans to use AMOLED display made by BOE in its future smartphones, due to the IP dispute between the two companies.

Posted: Nov 03,2023 by Ron Mertens