Samsung and LG to deepen their cooperation on OLED displays and other areas

Samsung and LG have a long history of rivalry, but recently the companies started a surprising collaboration in the OLED industry, when in 2023, Samsung launched its first OLED TV that used WOLED panels produced by LG Display, and recently the company signed a 5-year supply agreement with LGD.

According to recent reports from Korea, this is not an isolated case. The two Korean conglomerates have decided to increase their collaboration in order to increase their competitiveness against rivals, mostly from China. The two companies have formed a "TV alliance", of which the first step is by Samsung to adopt LGD's WOLED panels. LG Display, in return have agreed to use Samsung Display's AMOLED panels in its LG Gram laptop range. This was reported already last year, but we did not know it was part of Samsung's and LG's new strategy of cooperation.


The reports from Korea suggest that Samsung and LG are now looking to extend the partnership into more areas - such as chemicals and semiconductors. The two companies are in talks with two other large Korean companies, Hyundai and SK, that are also looking for local Korean partnerships. 

Posted: Feb 15,2024 by Ron Mertens