LG Electronics is using SDC AMOLEDs in its 2023 Gram laptops

Earlier this month LG Electronics introduced its 2023 Gram laptop series, that all come with OLED displays. According to the latest update from Korea, these new laptops use displays produced by Samsung Display.

LG Gram OLED laptop 2023 CES

This is the first time that Samsung provides AMOLED displays to LG Electronics. These are rigid OLEDs. LG Display does not produce such displays, it is making only flexible OLED panels.

The Gram Style offers either a 14" 2880x1800 120Hz AMOLED display (14Z90RS model) or 16" 3200x2000 120Hz AMOLED display (16Z90RS model). The Gram Ultraslim offers a 15.6" 16:9 FHD 60Hz OLED display, and is LG's thinnest laptop ever. LGE did not yet reveal the price or release date of its new laptops.

Posted: Jan 27,2023 by Ron Mertens