SamMobile says the GS5 will use a 5.25" WQHD AMOLED display

As we get closer to Samsung's Galaxy S5 flagship launch (which will probably take place at around March), the rumors keep flowing. Only a week ago we posted that a Chinese site claims that the GS5 will sport a 5.25" WQHD (560 PPI) LCD (made by Sharp), but this time the Samsung-focused blog SamMobile says that the upcoming phone will use an AMOLED. Indeed it will sport a WQHD resolution and the size will be around 5.25".

SamMobile also confirms that the S5 will come in two models, a plastic one and a premium one made from metal. Other features include a 16mp camera (which may or may now feature hardware optical image stabilization), an Exynos 6 eight-core CPU (or a Snapdragon 805 in some markets) and Android 4.4 (KitKat).

I always expected the GS5 to use an AMOLED. We heard that SDC already started producing those 5.25" AMOLEDs, and there are also reports that the company is increasing OLED production capacity to meet demand in 2014 (from both phones and tablets). SDC themselves repeatedly said that AMOLED displays will be adopted in Samsung's high-end devices.

SamMobile also reports, by the way, that following the GS5, Samsung will be launching two more devices - the S5 mini and the S5 zoom. This is not surprising. SamMobile says that both of these new phones will feature Super AMOLED displays (4.8" for the S5 Zoom). We're also hoping that Samsung will release a premium variant that will adopt a flexible AMOLED. This won't be a foldable phone (which is only expected in 2015) though.

Posted: Jan 14,2014 by Ron Mertens