Reports say Samsung may choose Sharp's 2K LTPS LCDs for the GS5

A new week is starting, and the rumor mill regarding Samsung's upcoming GS5 flagship smartphone's display is not stopping. The latest reports from China suggest that Samsung Display is experiencing difficulties in producing those 5.25" WQHD (560 PPI) AMOLED panels required for the GS5. Samsung may choose to adopt Sharp's 5.25" 2K Ultra HD 560 ppi LTPS LCDs.

Samsung GS4

While Samsung holds a 3% stake in Sharp, it seems highly unlikely for the company to buy displays from Sharp and not from its own display maker. We heard that SDC already started producing those 5.25" AMOLEDs, and there are also reports that the company is increasing OLED production capacity to meet demand in 2014 (from both phones and tablets).

The most likely scenario is that Samsung may adopt these LCDs in some GS5 variants (as they did in the GS4). We also hope that Samsung will release a premium variant that will adopt a flexible AMOLED. In any case hopefully the GS5 will be launched soon and we'll know the answer one way or another.

Posted: Jan 06,2014 by Ron Mertens