Rumors: Apple delays its tablet for 2H10, and there will be an option for a 9.7" OLED

There are new Apple-OLED-tablet rumors, this time from Digitimes, which might make it true this time. Apple are said to postpone their tablet PC to 2H 2010. There will be two models - one with a 10.6" TFT LCD, and one with a 9.7" OLED. The OLED will be made by LG Display.

Digitimes also say that a 9.7" OLED panel will cost about $500 US today, which is very expensive for such a gadget. However OLED Prices are expected to fall rapidly, and so the final price of the tablet should be around $1,200 to $1,500, and could be lower if it's bundled with 3G services. The LCD tablet is expected to priced at about $800-$1,100.

Posted: Nov 19,2009 by Ron Mertens


The whole world is reporting about the apple tablet with OLED! I just can't wait for this!