Reports from Korea suggest that LGD signed OLED supply deals with Mercedes, Volkswagen, Toyota and GM

In 2016 it was reported that Mercedes signed an agreement with LG Display to supply its 12.3" FHD flexible P-OLED displays for a future E-Class automobile. A couple of months ago this was confirmed in a new report from Korea, that also said that Mercedes plans to launch cars with LGD's OLEDs in 2022.

LGD 12.3'' P-OLED automotive concept

A new report from Korea, now says that Mercedes-Benz is planning to adopt LGD's flexible OLED displays starting with some of the Mercedes E Class models it will release in H1 2020. Following that, Mercedes plans to use LGD's P-OLEDs in several cars - both in dashboards and in rear-seat monitors. The Mercedes will use LGD's OLEDs in the form of a wide screen, combining the dashboard and the central infotainment display.


Business Korea also says that LGD has signed deals to supply its OLEDs to Toyota, Volkswagen and General Motors. Mercedes, though, will be the firs automaker to adopt LGD's OLEDs. According to UBI research, Automotive OLED displays are set to grow at an extremely fast rate - a CAGR of 497% from 2018 to 2022. By 2022, OLEDs will grab a 10% market share in the automotive display market and automotive OLEDs sales will account to 20% from total OLED sales.

Posted: Mar 22,2018 by Ron Mertens