Mercedes to adopt LG's 12.3" flexible OLEDs in future E-Class automobiles

According to a report from Korea, Mercedes signed an agreement with LG Display to supply its 12.3" FHD flexible pOLED displays for a future E-Class automobile. The dashboard of the upcoming car will use two such displays, side by side - one showing the instrument cluster and the other information such as navigation.

LGD 12.3'' P-OLED automotive concept

Yonhap news says that LGD aims to become the world's largest automotive display provider. LG Display wants to gain a 30% market share and reach $2 billion in yearly sales from this market. LGD already supply LCDs to this market, but the Korean maker expects flexible OLEDs to "fast replace the currently available glass-made LCD panels".

LGD announced its entry to the flexible OLED automotive market back in July 2014 - and indeed back then the company already said it signed OLED supply contracts with several car makers in Germany - including Daimler-Benz. In January 2016 LGD first unveil its 12.3" Full-HD flexible OLED panels for the automotive market.

The automobile market is starting to become an important market for OLED makers - for both OLED displays and OLED lighting. Want to learn more about the OLED Automotive market? Check out the OLED-Info Automotive OLEDs Market Report, which was recently updated.

Posted: Mar 09,2016 by Ron Mertens