LG Display to supply flexible OLEDs to German car makers

LG Display announced that it signed supply contracts with several car makers in Germany (including Daimler-Benz) to supply with OLED panels. It's not clear, but it seems that the displays will be plastic-based flexible OLEDs. LG said that they expect flexible OLEDs to "fast replace the currently available glass-made LCD panels".

A flexible 6-inch AMOLED (LGD)

LG Display also plans to start producing transparent displays (probably OLEDs) for this market. In 2013 LGD generated 500 billion Won in sales of automotive displays (probably all LCDs). The company hopes that those flexible and transparent OLEDs will enable them to grow by 30% a year in the next three years - and then LGD will become the leading automotive display company.

Flexible OLEDs have a lot of advantages for the automotive industry. Not only is the image quality and performance superior to LCDs, those panels are also lighter, thinner, more durable and safer. They can also be bent so they apply better in the surfaces inside a car. Currently all displays used in commercial cars are PMOLED displays. Want to learn more about the OLED Automotive market? Check out OLED-Info's Automotive OLEDs Market Report.

Posted: Jul 02,2014 by Ron Mertens