Philips unveils new functional OLED panel (115 lumens), lighting installations

Philips has some interesting news for us today at the opening of the L+B 2012 exhibition: a new OLED panel that is suitable for functional lighting, a couple of new OLED installations and a nice new chanelier.

First up is a new OLED panel called the GL350 (GL stands for General Lighting). This is the first OLED to hit the "functional lighting" barrier as Philips calls it with its high brightness - 115 lm. It's 12.4x12.4 cm in size (155 cm2) and very homogeneous according to Philips.

The major problem with the GL350 is that it's not efficient: 16.7 lm/W, which means it's not really suitable for general lighting, is it? We do not know the price of this panel yet, but Philips promises it will offer an "attractive price-performance ratio". The luminance is 4,000 cd/m2, the color temperature is 3,250K and the CRI is over 90. The panel's lifetime is 10,000h (L50). Philips will start sampling soon and will offer it in sets of three panels. You can view the GL350 product sheet here.

Philips is also showing a new spiral chandelier designed by Rogier van der Heide, Chief Design Officer Lighting, that uses 22 of those new GL350 panels. It doesn't have a name yet.

Philips is also showing a new installation with over 200 GL350 panels on 5 rings that looks like snowflakes from below. This looks quite nice, hopefully we'll get a video of that as well soon:

The final piece on show is a kinetic installation that is called the "Philips LivingSculpture kinetic installation" - which includes moving parts. You can watch it live in the video at the top.

In a press release Philips announced that it will soon launch the LivingShapes interactive mirror, which is designed to enhance retail showrooms and enhance ambience in a hospitality setting. They will also launch the LivingSculpture 3D module system that will enable designers to bring all three dimensions of space to their OLED lighting installations for the first time.

Posted: Apr 15,2012 by Ron Mertens