Philips Lumiblade white OLED

A few weeks ago, Philips sent me a couple of Lumiblade OLED panels to test - a blue square, and a white 'freeform'. Unfortunately the white one had some defects. So they sent me a new white panel, this one a square. It's the same size as the blue square. Finally I have a real OLED light lamp - a white one... The OLED driver that I have can only connect to one panel (when you actually buy these from Philips, you get a 4-panel driver. So I couldn't take a photo of two panels together.

Philips lumiblade oled white square photo

In this test I had to leave the OLED on for a few minutes, and then I noticed something strange - it runs very hot. It was almost too hot to touch. OLEDs are supposed to emit very little (if any) heat - so why is those panels getting hot?

Like I said in the previous review, those OLEDs are not very bright. So I tested it against my daughter's "night-light" 1W fluorescent lamp. As you can see, the OLED is brighter than the 1W lamp.

OLED vs Flourescent light photoOLED vs Fluorescent light

Finally, here's the OLED white panel on my unitedkeys OLED keyboard, for not particular reason...

OLED lighting and keyboard photo
Posted: Jul 06,2009 by Ron Mertens