Omdia: 3,000 rollable TVs to ship in 2022 and 672,000 in 2027

As LG Electronics is launching its 65" rollable TV (65RX OLED) globally, market researchers from Omdia estimate that shipments of rollable TVs will be around 3,000 next year. The market will grow to 74,000 units in 2024 and 672,000 units in 2027.

LG rollable OLED TV RX photo

This is fast growth, but numbers will still be very limited, it seems as Omdia does not expect mass market adoption for rollable TVs.

The first hurdle that LG will have to overcome is the price - currently the 65" model costs £99,999 in the UK - or around $137,000. The price in Korea is around $87,000.

Posted: Apr 08,2021 by Ron Mertens