nVerPix demonstrate its CNT-based OLET displays

In 2011 the University of Florida announced a new organic-TFT backplane/emitter technology called CN-VOLET. The University spun-off the technology into a company called nVerPix, with funding from Nanoholdings.

We have talked to nVerPix in the past and updated on the technology back in 2013. The nVerPix team presented their technology at SID's DisplayWeek - and it won the "best prototype" awarded. nVerPix demonstrate a working mono-color (green) 320x240 2.5" display. The aperture ratio is 70% and the brightness is over 500 nits.

CN-VOLET device structure diagram

NverPix is actually developing OLET based displays, which they see as a solution that is compatible with existing LCD backplane infrastructure and may enable cost-effective flexible solution-based OLEDs with increased lifetime and improved image.

NverPix's solution is currently based on carbon nanotubes (single-wall CNTs, or SWCNTs). The company is also looking into graphene electrodes as an alternative to CNTs.

Posted: Jun 07,2016 by Ron Mertens