New reports - the Galaxy S4 will use an AMOLED with green PHOLEDs

Since Samsung unveiled their 4.99" Full-HD AMOLED panels at CES 2013, we assumed that the Galaxy S4 will use those panels. Some supply-chain analysts from Korea confirmed this. But then, towards the end of February, SamMobile posted that the S4 will in fact not use an OLED at all, but rather a 4.99" Full-HD SoLux LCD display.

Today the same blog posted a new post saying that they received new information about the S4 - and indeed it will use a new kind of AMOLED display - one with green PHOLEDs (instead of the fluorescent green currently used by Samsung) - which will make it 25% more efficient. This isn't really news - it was expected and we reported this back in early February. But it's good to see this new post by SamMobile anyway.

Posted: Mar 10,2013 by Ron Mertens