Samsung to unveil the S4 on March 14, but will it use an OLED display?

Samsung has given out invitations for their new Galaxy phone (which will probably be called the S4, as you can see from the image below) launch event - on March 14th, in New York (7PM ET). Early this month it was reported that Samsung is beginning to produce the 4.99" Full-HD (440 PPI) AMOLED display that will be used in this phone. These reports come from Korea, and are apparently based on Analysts researching Samsung's supply chain companies.

However, two days ago SamMobile (a usually credible blog) posted that the S4 will in fact not use an OLED at all. They quite an "insider" claiming that the phone will use a 4.99" Full-HD SoLux LCD display. The processor will be a Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 @1.9 Ghz - and not a Samsung-made Exynos 5 processor as was previous estimated.

SamMobile's source says that the company is still facing issues with fabricating Full-HD AMOLEDs, and that's why they are switching to LCDs. So we have those two opposite rumors: one coming from Korea based on supply chain research and the other from an industry insider in a rather credible blog. Obviously we're rooting for an OLED, but in any case we only have 2 and half weeks to wait...

Source: Engadget, SamMobile

Posted: Feb 25,2013 by Ron Mertens


Anyone has any idea what the technology is behind? Solux is registered as a lighting brand that shine the light close to the sun light. What does it have anything to do with display?