New low-cost OLED lighting project gets funding from the UK

A new project called TOPDRAWER (Thin organic prototypes, design, research, applications with end-user recognition) has secured funding from the UK government, and will start in early November and will run for 2.5 years. This is actually a followup project to TOPLESS, and is also lead by Thorn lighting.

TOPLESS project OLED lamp prototypeTOPLESS project OLED lamp prototype

The consortium will develop and demonstrate a printed manufacturing process that will be integrated into attractive designs that have been created through consultation with potential end-users. The manufacturing process will be proved and tested within PETEC, that will acquire and install a large-area coating line.

In June 2008 we interviewed Dr. Geoff Williams, TOPLESS' manager (and we also assume he will manage the new project). In December 2008, TOPLESS showed a prototype lamp. The efficiency is about 17Lm/W (as there is no out-coupling. With out-coupling the efficiency is over 30Lm/W), each panel operating at 3W. The panels are just 0.7mm thick, made by Sumation with TOPLESS materials.

Posted: Aug 08,2010 by Ron Mertens