Lux compares display developers for technical value and business execution

Lux Research posted an interesting grid that shows how different display developers rate on technical value and business execution. It includes mature technologies (such as OLED and e-paper) and emerging technologies such as electrochromic and electrofluidic displays.

Lux says that OLED materials and equipment developers have a clear head start over other technologies, with notable players such as UDC, CDT, Novaled and Kateeva. The company that stands out in both technical value and business execution is E Ink - with high score in technology and IP and strong partnerships and management team. E Ink is the only company that scores a "strong positive" - with their nearly 100% market share of the electrophoretic market - which is used in products such as Amazon's Kindle and B&N Nook e-readers.

Posted: Feb 07,2012 by Ron Mertens


I have to say that this graph seems somewhat pointless to me.

First of all what are they trying to compare: Technologies or Companies? If they are trying to compare technologies, then I wonder why they omit the large players like Samsung, LG & Co which clearly have more influence on the technological development than small start-ups.

On the other hand if they are trying to compare companies the chart doesn't make much sense either because it is far from complete (there are lot more players in any of the areas covered by the graph) and most of all they are mixing technologies regardless of application.

So overall the graph looks nice at first glance, but IMO holds little to no actually useful information if you look a little deeper.