Project TOPLESS (Thin Organic Polymeric Light Emitting Semi-conductor Surfaces) is a three year £3.3M project,  sponsored by the UK government (50%). It comprises a consortium of Thorn Lighting (UK largest lighting company), Sumation UK and the University of Durham (Department of Physics and Chemistry).

The aim of the project is to product a high quality white light generating single polymer, and efficient large area single pixel device architectures.

TOPLESS project OLED lamp prototypeTOPLESS project OLED lamp prototype 2008
TOPLESS objectives:
  • An efficacy of 20Lm per watt
  • Colour temperature suitable for general white light applications (this varies according to customer requirements) between 2,700K to 17,000K.
  • Large single pixel devices (no buzz bars)
  • Minimal number of organic layers

TOPLESS will run till February 2010. In June 2008 we interviewed Dr. Geoff Williams, the project manager.

In December 2008, TOPLESS showed a prototype lamp. The efficiency is about 17Lm/W (as there is no out-coupling. With out-coupling the efficiency is over 30Lm/W), each panel operating at 3W. The panels are just 0.7mm thick, made by Sumation with TOPLESS materials

Project duration: 
2008 to 2010


3 Watts or do you mean 3

3 Watts or do you mean 3 Volts

They say the new panels

They say the new panels actually use 0.7W per panel:


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