The MicroLED Industry Association publishes its first microLED industry roadmap document

The MicroLED Industry Association has published its first MicroLED Industry Roadmap and State-of-the-Industry document. This document could be an excellent read for OLED developers, as it details the current status of microLED technologies and gives an excellent guide into technology aspects, architectures and processes.

MicroLED Association - microLED roadmap 2023-12

The 2024 MicroLED Roadmap covers the latest microLED technology trends, details the MicroLED Association’s roadmap and projections for the future of the microLED industry and market, by application segments. The summary edition can be downloaded here

MicroLED Industry Association members can access the full document here, which includes detailed insights into technology and architectures, challenges and forecasts. The full members-only document also includes a proposed path towards cost reduction and discussions on LED technologies, wafers, backplanes, full-color displays and yields and processes.

Posted: Dec 18,2023 by Ron Mertens


damn thats going to take longer than expected.

2033 for monitors with microLED is ridiculous. its only about to be 2024 and they are calling 9 years off?!?!? dead technology. by that time OLED will be too far ahead. 2024 we are getting 480hz 1080p OLED and 240hz 4k OLED. and that's just after 2 years of initial OLED gaming monitor releases. Imagine where OLED will be in 9 years.... microLED doesn't stand a chance. not to mention they are starting to look at using hybrid materials for OLED to make them last longer. Thus burn in and other longevity issues will also be solved by the time microLED makes it into the public space.... not to mention Samsung playing with GaN Nano Rod displays in their testing house. Gallium Nitride will glow a very nice blur color, apply Samsungs Q-LED color control on top, and bam, a new OLED will be born. simply just lmao.