Merck Korea: Quantum Dots, unlike OLEDs, is no game changer

Quantum Dots enhanced LCDs are starting to enter the market, with reports saying that both LG and Samsung will release such TVs in 2015. Michael Grund, the managing director of Merck Korea, however, says that this technology will not have a significant impact on the global TV and display markets - unlike OLED which could be a game changer.

Quantum Dots are used to enhance the color gamut and efficiency of LCD displays. Sony already commercialized quantum-dots TVs and smaller panel display, as the QD-LCDs are far easier to produce compared to OLED TVs.

According to Michael, one of the hurdles towards QD adoption in displays is the fact that the QDs made today contain Cadmium. According to reports, both Samsung and LG, however, are aiming to release Cadmium-free QD enhanced LCDs in 2015, using Dow Chemical's QD technology. Samsung is also an investor in Israeli StoreDot, which developed its own peptide-based cadmium-free QD material.

Merck is developing its own QD-like technology which they call Quantum Rods. Quantum Rods (which are similar to QDs, but are not shaped like a dot, but rather like a longer rod) can offer three times the brightness compared to regular QDs, which can be used to also increase the power efficiency of the display. The color gamut of QR-enhanced LCDs is similar to QD-enhanced LCDs. Merck aims to bring QR films to the market in 2016. QRs currently contain Cadmium, and Merck is developing Cadmium-free QRs.

Posted: Nov 22,2014 by Ron Mertens