Lux Research sees only 7,000 OLED TVs shipped in 2014

Lux Research posted an interesting blog post, in which they claim that LG's and Samsung's latest OLED TV push is just intended to make these companies look innovative, and does not really mean that the OLED TV market is ready to take off. In fact, Lux thinks that only 7,000 OLED TVs will be shipped in 2014.

This is a very low estimate compared to other research companies. DisplaySearch says that the OLED TV market in 2014 will reach almost 2 million units, while LG Display themselves sees about 600,000 - 700,000 OLED TV shipments in 2014. LG recently announced a $650 million OLED TV Gen-9 fab that will have a production capacity of about 50,000 OLED TVs monthly.

Lux Research does not believe LGD will be able to pull this off, actually, at least not in 2014. They claim a Gen-9 fab will require soluble OLED materials and appropriate processes, and these technologies aren't ready yet.

Lux are also quite pessimistic on OLED lighting, too. Back in 2011, they said that the OLED lighting will remain a small niche player in the future - in fact in 2020 worldwide revenues will only amount to $58 million.

Posted: Mar 25,2013 by Ron Mertens