Lumtec starts to produce OLED lighting panels for the automotive market

Taiwan-based Luminescence Technology (Lumtec) announced that it has started to mass produce OLED lighting panels, targeting mainly the automotive OLED lighting market.

LumTec automotive OLED lighting at Taipei AMPA 2019

Lumtec has been developing OLED materials and technologies for many years, and the company has now accelerated its market strategy for OLED lighting, and vertically integrated the business under its "LUMLIGHT" business division.

Lumtec's CEO, Feng-Wen Yen, says that the automotive lighting market is rapidly evolving as drivers are pursuing a safer, more comfortable and a more fashionable driving experience. OLED lighting can be applied to daytime running lights, red taillights, third brake lights, yellow warning lights, turn signals, interior lighting and atmosphere lights and more. The company is also looking to apply OLED lighting panels to consumer markets such as desk lamps, portable and outdoor lighting and indoor nightlight.

LumTec OLED lighting types at Taipei AMPA 2019

Lumtec tells us that its current production capacity is around 150,000 50x35 mm panels per month - although it will produce several sizes of panels (which will also be available in several colors as you can see above).

Posted: Apr 26,2019 by Ron Mertens