In September 2015 LG Display presented new double-sided OLED display prototypes, in both curved and flat formats, and in March 2016 LG officially launched those products under their new commercial OLED unit.

LGD's 55'' double-sided OLED (IFA 2015)

Now LG Electronics announced that the Dual-View Flat OLEDs will begin shipping in the US in July 2016. LG says that these displays will enable businesses to "create a completely immersive and more engaging environment for their customers".

LG's 55" Dual-View Flat OLEDs offer a Full-HD resolution on each side and a very slim profile - measuring just 8.94 mm. The displays are available in three different installation options – ceiling suspension, wall-mount and floor stand.

LG's commercial OLED unit also offers the Dual-View Curved-Tiling OLED display, which offers curved design using ultra-slim OLED tiles. Each tile is a dual-view 65" 4K display. These curved displays aren't shipping yet, though.

LGD 111'' double-sided OLED wave (IFA 2015)

The Dual-View Curved Tiling OLED offers slim tiles (two, three or four), each 65" in size and 4K in resolution that together create eye-catching displays. The whole system is run by a high-performance chipset and has 128GB of internal memory - so it does not need to be connected to any PC or media player.



You buried the lede.

"Now LG Electronics announced that the Dual-View Flat OLEDs will begin shipping in the US in July 2015. "

Dual-View Flat OLEDs are very interesting I will admit, but time travel back 11 months in time is the truly amazing thing. While there they should try euthanizing the grandparents of mice living today (pre-conception of their parents of course) and see if the paradox destroys the Universe. 

Yes, you're right of course,

Yes, you're right of course, it should be 2016 :-)

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