In September 2015 LG Display presented new double-sided OLED display prototypes, in both curved and flat formats. LG now officially launched those products under their new commercial OLED unit.

LGD 111'' double-sided OLED wave (IFA 2015)

The Dual-View Curved Tiling OLED offers slim tiles (two, three or four), each 65" in size and 4K in resolution that together create eye-catching displays. The whole system is run by a high-performance chipset and has 128GB of internal memory - so it does not need to be connected to any PC or media player.

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Top Ten worthy

For the past several years I have compiled an annualĀ OLED segment 10 ten list of cool innovations.

This one definitely will make it on to the top 10 for 2016...

Of course there's still 2/3rds of a year to go!