LG Display's CEO: OLED tech has a bright future, and will bring a revolution to people’s lives

LG Display has been very bullish on OLED TVs for several years now, and recently the company announced a major shift in focus towards OLED technologies, with a planned investment of $8.5 billion in the next 3 years. The company's CEO, Dr. Sang Beom Han, gave the IFA 2015 keynote speech, and he was very enthusiastic on OLEDs.

LGD 111'' double-sided OLED wave (IFA 2015)

During his speech, Dr. Han said that "OLED will bring revolution to people’s lives" - as it's the only technology that offers enhanced images combined with dynamic form - mainly transparency and flexibility.

LG Display acknowledges the fact that it chose a difficult path in pioneering OLED technology, but they are proud in achieving the goal of making a display that realizes people’s imagination and dreams. He predicted that OLED has a bright future.

At the trade show, LG Display also presented some new OLED prototypes. First up is the 111" double sided "Wave" you see above - which is made from three attached 65" 4K OLED panels.

LGD's 55'' double-sided OLED (IFA 2015)

It seems double-sided OLEDs are a thing now - LGD also demonstrated a 55" double-sided OLED display aimed towards commercial/retail applications. The whole display is just 5.3 mm thick and weighs just 12 kg. LG also demonstrated its 55-inch "wallpaper" OLEDs which were first unveiled in May 2015.

Posted: Sep 05,2015 by Ron Mertens