Update: here's a video showing the new OLED prototypes in action

Maybe in response to analysts doubting the future of OLED TVs, LG Display held a showcase today in Korea with its latest OLED TV prototypes. So first of all, the company unveiled a new 0.97 mm thick 55" flat OLED panel, that virtually "sticks to the wall" using magnets. The OLED panel itself weighs only 1.9 Kg.

LGD 0.97mm wallpaper OLED prototype photo

LG Display also demonstrated a convex OLED panel - that will mainly be used for digital signage for large-scale outdoor advertising (this is not a new idea, Panasonic demonstrated similar panels last year). Finally, LG revealed plans to release a large 99" TV within the year.

LGD aims to ramp up OLED TV production from Q3 2015, to a "substantial level", and they "should be able to supply a satisfactory volume to clients from July or August". These clients aren't just LG Electronics - LGD is gearing up to supply panels to other makers (including, perhaps, Panasonic) that will join their upcoming OLED TV alliance.




Finally, a flat model. Curved really does not really have an advantage for my viewing room, so I am glad to see that moving forward, there are flat models being produced. I hope these hit the market soon.


Well, technically, you could make this flat OR curved. =)

They are doing it all wrong.

They are doing it all wrong.

First they should invest in developing a method to minimize production costs with better manufacturing technology so that the final OLED product cost less and more end consumers will be able to afford it.

Only then, they can worry about volume, when the demand would be huge.

I'm not sure you're right,

I'm not sure you're right, James. Increasing yields and production volume has a direct effect on price - and this is something you can only do with experience and on-going production tweaking and enhancements.


guess you don't work in a volume production environment ;-)

Right...   ... not!   ;-)



... not!




They better start making OLED monitors soon... or ill be a sad panda. 21:9, 0-120hz Gsync, single tiled dp only.

Dont even care about the resolution anymore.

prove it

why we cannot find any video i dont want to believe that may it is a photo ...

who talod you that there motion on it 


Just release smaller sizes than 55.

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