A few days ago LG slashed the price of their 55" curved OLED TV in the UK by 40% from £7,999 to £4,999 (about $8,100). I estimated that LG will soon drop the OLED TV price in the US, and indeed today Amazon lowered the price to $8,499, and also threw in a $500 promotional credit.

I actually hoped that LG will drop the price to around $6,000. Well, I guess we may have to wait to 2014 when LG's upcoming M2 Gen-8 OLED TV fab.

LG's curved OLED TV was launched in the US in August 2013 for $14,999. A month later the price dropped to $9,999, and in November LG lowered the price again to $8,999. So LG lowered the price by over 40% in less than half a year.

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