LG delivers OLED TVs to customers in the US, will display OLED TVs in airports around the world

On June 23rd we reported that LG's curved 55" OLED TV are now available in the US, exclusively through Magnolia stores inside Best Buy for $14,999. Today LG announced that the first 55EA9800 OLED TVs have been delivered to consumers. LG says that since the TVs went on sales, they have been "purchased by early-adopter consumers across the country, from Texas to Minnesota to Oregon". So they sold at least three sets...

LG also announced that it will display its flat 55" OLED TV (the 55EM9700) in lounges and open areas at 45 international airports around the world this month. LG will start with Tokyo's Narita Airport (which also, by the way, hosts a 9.6x1.5 meter curved Mitsubishi Diamond Vision OLED display) and will then offer it in more cities such as New York, Berlin, Dubai and Bangkok. The 55EM9700 is currently shipping in Korea for around $10,000 and in the UK for around $15,000.

Posted: Aug 04,2013 by Ron Mertens