LGD to start producing 20" OLEDs by the end of 2022, will also unveil a 77" transparent OLED

LG Display's VP Kang Won-Seok says that the company is working on several new panels and technologies, which it plans to announce soon.

First up is a 20-inch OLED, for applications in personal devices. This panel will be demonstrated before the end of the year. It is not clear whether LGD will adopt its WOLED technology or its RGB technology for such panels.


Kang also revealed that LGD is developing a 77-inch transparent OLED, and plans to release the panel in 2023. This is interesting news - LGD has been offering a single 55" FHD transparent display since 2019, and it will be great to see the company expand its range. This large panel will be highly expensive though, so this will not likely to unlock a large market for LGD.

Finally, Kang says that LGD is working, together with a customer, towards a bendable OLED gaming monitor. LGD says that its WOLED technology is the only technology that can be used for bendable large displays, as it has only a single glass substrate (unlike Samsung's QD-OLED which uses two glass substrates). LGD has already demonstrated a bendable 48-inch gaming monitor last year, and hopefully this project is progressing. screen next year.

Posted: Aug 13,2022 by Ron Mertens