LGD to showcase new automotive, aerospace and consumer OLED technologies at CES 2020

LG Display announced that it will demonstrate several new OLED technologies at CES 2020 in Las Vegas next week (January 7-10).

LGD aerospace OLED demonstrator CES 2020

First up, LG Display will show new applications for the aerospace market - including 55" transparent and flexible OLEDs used in airplane cabins. LG will also demonstrate a 65" bendable OLED TV, suitable for first-class cabins, that enable users to adjust the curvature of the TV to create a more immersive experience when required. It seems as if interest in OLEDs is increasing in the aerospace industry.

For the automotive market, LG Display will demonstrate a "super-size" dashboard that utilizes four different pOLED displays - a 14" Cluster, two 12.3" OLEDs (center information display and a co-driver display) and finally a 12.8" control-pad display. All these displays together are combined under a single glass.

LGD automotive OLED demonstrator CES 2020

LGD will also introduce a multi-layered cluster with a 12.3" pOLED display positioned right behind a 12.3" Transparent OLED display to show dynamic information. Finally LGD will show a new 12.8" Rollable OLED display that can be installed anywhere in the car, in this case it will be showcased on the back of the driver’s seat for entertainment. LG aims to lead the OLED automotive market, and according to reports it is providing Cadillac with a 38-inch OLED for its 2021 Escalade. To learn more about OLEDs for the automotive market, click here.

Finally, for the consumer market, LGD will display a new roll-down 65" 4K rollable OLED TV - which seems to be an upside-down version of the Signature OLED TV R - which should start shipping in early 2020.

Posted: Jan 02,2020 by Ron Mertens