LG Electronics to release a 27-inch OLED monitor later this year

Last month LG Electronics announced its first OLED monitor, the 31.5-inch 4K UltraFine OLED Pro, model 32EP950. According to online reports, LG Electronics is planning to release another OLED monitor, this one with a 27-inch panel (likely to be model number 27EP95).

The 31.5" 4K OLED used by LG Electronics is produced by JOLED, using an ink-jet printing process.

JOLED (Japan OLED) was established in August 2014 by Japan Display, Sony and Panasonic to produce OLED displays using inkjet printing technology. In December 2017 JOLED started commercial low-volume production of its 21.6" 4K OLED panels, at the company's pilot 4.5-Gen line.

In 2020 JOLED started mass producing inkjet-printed OLED display panels in its 5.5-Gen (1300x1500 mm) production line in Nomi, Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan. The company's panels are still offered in low volume applications only, such as LG's upcoming high-end professional monitor, EIZO's FORIS NOVA and the The Asus ProArt PQ22UC.

Posted: Feb 06,2021 by Ron Mertens