LG Display reported their financial results for 4Q 2012, with $299 million in profit - thanks to mobile phones launches by key customers including Apple. LGD did warn though that the earnings will decrease in Q1 2013 as iPhone demand wanes.

The company also commented about their OLED TV production plans. LGD is planning to convert their Gen-8 fab from LCD to OLED TV production. They haven't decided how many of the fab lines will be converted, but the decision to convert some of the capacity did took place- which is good news.

Samsung 5'' curved YOUM display prototypeSamsung flexible OLED prototype

Regarding small/medium plastic-based OLED production, LGD is on track to start mass production of plastic based flexible OLEDs in H2 2013. The capacity will be "very limited" and they expect to be able to support just one or two customers. LG Display's flexible OLEDs will use polyimide coated substrate and direct-emission RGB sub-pixels (as opposed to LG's OLED TV which use white OLEDs with color filters).

Source: Seeking-Alpha

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