LG Display is showcasing how OLED technology can change the shopping malls of the future. At LG's Science Park in Seoul's Magok district, the company build a show room with some nice OLED demonstrations.

First up are the glass doors to the show room, which have four 55-inch transparent OLEDs embedded in them. The next demonstration is the Smart Stall, which embed OLED electronic shelf labels and large-area OLED TV panels.

The next show case uses a 55" transparent OLED on top of a regular 55" OLED TV panel, thus creating a seemingly 3D image. There's a real object, on display, between the panels,too. The third demonstration is the "intelligent shelf' which adopt curved 55" OLED panels, on which you can place objects. The top display is a 65-inch OLED. LG also uses the small ESLs here.

LG is also showing an immersive shopping 'tunnel" that uses transparent OLEDs, and a pillar in the middle of the showroom that is build from six 77-inch curved OLEDs.

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