LG Display is seeing high demand for its OLED TV panels, and the company is actually increasing the price of its panels. During LG Display's 2018 China's Partner Day, LGD's CMO says that while sales in Europe, the US and especially Japan are going very well - the sales in China are weaker than expected.

LG Display China Partner day 2018 photo

LG Display planned to sell 250,000 OLED TV panels in 2018 in China, but the company has now lowered its forecast to 210,000 units. The Chinese market grew from 60,000 units in 2016 to 120,000 units in 2017. The growth to 210,000 units still matches LG's global growth rate, but the company expected the Chinese market to grow even faster. LG Display does say that sales of some of its partners (mainly Skyworth, who is reportedly getting ready for much larger OLED volumes) in August went up, but still the company decided to shift some of its panels that were destined to China to other markets.

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