LG Display: OLEDs are superior to QDs, expects OLEDs to be competitive within a year or two

A few days ago LG announced it was going to unveil Quantum-Dots enhanced 4K LCDs next month, which made some people wonder whether LG will abandon its OLED TV program - even though LG repeatedly stated that OLED is the future display technology of choice and that those QDs TVs will be positioned above LG's current high-end Ultra HD LCDs but below the company's OLED TV range.

Probably in response to those speculations, LG Display posted a new article that explains how OLEDs are indeed superior to QD-enhanced LCDs (they call them QD TVs).

LG says that OLEDs offer a much better response speed, contrast ratio and viewing angles. QD LCDs offer a wider color gamut, and can therefore offer more accurate colors. OLEDs do perform better in certain environments, though, due to the high contrast ratio. OLEDs of-course enable the production of flexible and rollable displays, and is also more suited for transparent displays.

I think it's important to read LGD's article conclusion: "In fact, OLED technology is the technology that is so much advanced that it should not be compared to an LCD based QD. Hence, even though LG already has the technology to create QD, it is focusing on developing OLED". LG Display further says that they expect OLED TVs to competitive with LCDs within one or two years.

Posted: Dec 20,2014 by Ron Mertens


The only other company that can rival LG (Lucky Goldstar) is the other South Korean producer, Samsung. But Samsung is so involved with its cellphone and tablet business that it has dedicated almost all itsOLED effort to that business. Samsung also has 4K UHD OLED TV (both flat and curved), but LG will keep ahead until the market can catch up, and so LG will remain the world leader and only supplier for some time. This may keep prices high but allow the OLED technology to mature and stabilize, so LG can offer better products and regain its investments.

good news too .

He has to say that after all he is asking the rich people to keep buying OLED at premium price.

QD has other advantages which he seems to forget. may be he could look up in the wikipedia.

But seriously, QD also allows to get rid of Transistor and Liquid Crystal part and replace with MEMS.

So in two years he won't be comparing to two year old tech of QD.

What you describe is a self-emitting (electro-luminescence) QD technology, the current QD-phosphor-films are quite different from that and that's what he is referring to in the post.