Reuters reports that LG Electronics decided to develop Quantum-Dot LCDs. In the long run LGE still sees OLED as the superior technology, but QD does provide "tangible benefits" for its current line of LCD panels.

LGE 55-inch OLED TVLGE 55-inch OLED TV

Only a few days ago the Korea Times reported that Samsung is set to introduce the first cadmium-free QD TV in 2015. Samsung is collaborating with Dow Chemical on those QDs, and according to Korea Times LG is also working together with Dow on cadmium-free QDs.

LCDs enhanced with QD films offer a wider color gamut and are more efficient compared to 'regular' LCDs. So-called QD-LEDs match the color performance of OLEDs, and so may challenge OLED TVs, at least until OLED panel prices come near those of LCD panels.

Sony has been shipping QD-LED TVs since 2013, under the Triluminos brand.



GB-r backlight can do the

GB-r backlight can do the same as QD.

yes, it is true and even

yes, it is true and even better than QD, but the lifetime and constructure of the RGB-LED backlight is a giant problem

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