Nanomarkets logoNanomarkets released a new report on Quantum dots (Market Opportunities for Quantum Dots in Lighting and Displays) in which they discuss, QD-Enhanced LCDs, light-emitting QDs (QDLEDs) and QD in lighting. They say that QDLEDs may challenge OLEDs in the future as they are more efficient and last longer. Nanomarkets forecasts that in 2018 QD-LED sales will reach $7.3 billion.

The Quantum Dot material market will reach $200 million in 2018 and this will grow to $560 million by 2020. QD-Enhanced LCDs (which are already by sold by Sony) will grow to reach $10.5 billion in retail by 2016. Most companies will license the technology although some big display companies are dong their own R&D.

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