LG Display develops a 3K 1.16" OLED microdisplay for VR applications

Last year at SID Displayweek 2020 LG Display unveiled a new OLED microdisplay, branded as OLEDoS. LGD's display was a 0.42" 1280x720 (3,500 PPI) panel that uses a color-filter based design.

This year at Displayweek 2021, LGD is showing the same display again, this time it reveals it has a brightness of over 5,000 nits (in 2020 the company said the brightness was "over 4,000 nits"). LG says that OLED microdisplays will find a market in VR and AR applications, as the displays outperform mobile AMOLED displays.

LGD also reveals that it is developing a new OLED microdisplay, this one sized 1.16" with a 3K resolution. This larger display will target VR applications. LGD is also developing a 4K version with high brightness.

LG Display 0.42'' 1280x720 OLEDoS SID 2020 photo

The microdisplay market is heating up, in both the established defense, medical and industrial sectors and in the consumer markets (AR and VR) which are only now emerging. To learn more about the OLED microdisplay market (including our views on the potentially disruptive microLED technology), check out our OLED and MicroLED Microdisplay Market Report.

Posted: May 17,2021 by Ron Mertens