LG Display could adopt a microLens array in its OLED TV panels to boost brightness and efficiency

Reports from Korea suggest that LG Display is looking into adopting a microLens array in its large OLED TV panel architecture. The microlens layer could boost brightness by up to 20%, which will also increase efficiency (if brightness is kept as before).

OLED micro-lens array (Michigan)

MicroLens array structure, University of Michigan

According to the report, the project is at an advanced stage, and panels with the microLens array could be introduced by the end of this year. LGD will apply the technology to its OLED.EX panels, so brightness could reach up to 1,200 nits. LGD considers this technology as it faces competition in large-area OLED production, from Samsung's QD-OLED panels, for the first time.


The idea of adding a microLens layer is not new. Reports suggest that the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra AMOLED panel has such a structure. Last year Tianma demonstrated a smartphone panel with microLens array, saying that the power consumption savings are up to 15%. Seeya also has microLens technology in its OLED microdisplay roadmap.

Posted: May 07,2022 by Ron Mertens