LG aims to start producing solution-based OLED panels in 2018

DisplayCentral posted an interesting article on LG Display's OLED TV program. The author reports from a discussion he had with Changho Oh, Senior VP for LG Display’s OLED TV Development Division, in which Changho says that LGD is investing heavily in soluble OLED production and aims to have such panels available in 2018.

A few days ago we reported that an LG Display researcher revealed that the company is developing a roll-to-roll process to produce flexible OLED displays. This is one of several possible printing technologies that can make soluble OLED panels possible.

Interestingly, LGD says that most of the yield and cost issues related to their OLED TVs are due to the complicated backplane (an IGZO Oxide-TFT) and not the frontplane, because the WOLED design makes the frontplane relatively easy to produce.

Posted: Nov 16,2014 by Ron Mertens