Korea launches a new project to develop 1,000 PPI Oxide TFTs for next-generation OLEDs

The South Korean government launched a new project which aims to develop new technology that will enable the production of Oxide-TFT that support 1,000 PPI OLED panels. The project, led by Samsung Display, will hopefully conclude by 2024.

SDC 806 PPI VR OLED at SID 2016

Samsung plans to develop higher-efficiency Oxide-TFTs - in fact ten times faster than today's Oxide-TFTs. The new technologies will reduce the power consumption and production costs of the TFTs.

For smartphone and wearable applications, usually a PPI of around 500 is quite enough. Korea is focusing on new technologies for AR and VR applications, and it is likely that the aim of this project is to develop TFT displays for AR. Earlier this week we reported of another Korean project, which aims to produce a direct emission OLED microdisplay with a resolution of 4,000 PPI by 2024.

Posted: May 14,2021 by Ron Mertens