Korea Herald: LGD will start supplying Apple with flexible OLEDs in 2018

The Korea Herald claims that LG Display is in the final stages of its discussions with Apple, and the Korean OLED maker expects to supply 15-16 million flexible OLEDs to Apple in 2018. According to the report, LG will supply Apple with 6.5" AMOLEDs for its 2018 large iPhone OLED variant.

Apple iPhone X side photo

Samsung Display will remain Apple's main OLED supplier, and this new report says that SDC will supply apple with more than 120 million 5.8" OLEDs in 2018. An earlier report by Business Korea estimated that SDC will supply Apple with 180-200 OLEDs in 2018.

LGD has recently started mass producing flexible OLEDs at its E5 6-Gen production line, but volumes are still low (LGD probably only produced around 1 million smartphone OLED panels in Q3 2017). LGD is currently shipping a single smartphone AMOLED panel, a 6" 1440x2880 (537 PPI) one used in LG's own V30 and Google's Pixel 2 XL. Reviewers and consumers alike were disappointed in LG's AMOLED performance, which means that LGD will need to step up its game quickly if it wants to win orders from Apple.

Posted: Jan 04,2018 by Ron Mertens