Sigmaintell: LGD shipped 1.2 million smartphone AMOLED panels in Q3 2017

China-based Sigmaintell estimates that the smartphone display shipments were about 530 million units in Q3 2017, with SDC ranking as the top vendor (with 106 million panels). LG display shipments were down 28% (to 33 million units).

Sigmaintell estimates that LG Display shipped 1.2 million smartphone AMOLED panels. LGD is currently shipping a single smartphone AMOLED panel, a 6" 1440x2880 (537 PPI) one used in LG's own V30 and Google's Pixel 2 XL. Reviewers and consumers alike were disappointed in LG's AMOLED performance.

In October LGD acknowledged that the first batch of smartphone AMOLEDs were actually produced at its small E2 line. The 6-Gen E5 line has started mass production in Q3 2017 but will only start to output displays for products that will launch at the end of 2017. In August we first reported that LGD is still facing very low yields at its 6-Gen E5 line.

Posted: Nov 23,2017 by Ron Mertens