The Japanese IP high court reversed the JPO's broad claim invalidation on one of UDC's fundamental OLED patents

In May 2012, the Japanese Patent Office (JPO) issued a decision regarding Universal Display's patent #4511024 - they upheld the validity of certain claimed inventions but invalidated the broadest claims. Universal Display appealed to the Japanese High Court and now they announced that the court reversed the JPO's broad claims invalidation.

The matter was remanded back to the JPO for further consideration consistent with the IP High Court’s ruling. The company who initiated the lawsuit in June 2011 was Semiconductor Energy Laboratory (SEL).

UDC's CEO said that the company is pleased with the Japanese IP High Court's decision. This patent is one of more than sixty patents issued worldwide that cover four early fundamental phosphorescent OLED inventions developed at Princeton University and the University of Southern California, which are exclusively licensed to UDC.

Disclosure: the author of this post holds shares in universal display

Posted: Nov 02,2013 by Ron Mertens