ITRI spins-off FlexUP Technologies to commercialize its flexible substrate material

Taiwan's ITRI institute transferred its flexible substrate material technology (FlexUP) to a new spin-off startup called FlexUP Technologies, that will commercialize this technology for flexible displays and sensors. The FlexUP material can withstand high temperatures (which makes it well suited for the automotive and medical markets) and can be used in current production lines. ITRI says that FlexUP is expected to raise over NT$1 billion (over $32 million USD).

ITRI recently demonstrated several new AMOLED prototypes - a 6" full-color foldable OLED, a flexible AMOLED with integrated on-cell capacitive touch and a monochrome panel that can be tri-folded both in-wards and outwards (this is shown in the video above).

Posted: Dec 06,2014 by Ron Mertens